Monday, October 26, 2009


So I know it is late, but I started school October 12th, at Regency Beauty Institute in Mesquite, Tx.

I am really enjoying school. I am learning so many different things from different people. I can not wait to be able to finally work on clients.
Of course, my family is getting the ultimate treatment, since I come home and practice on them. Or this week, for my practical exam I have to have a client, so mom is going to come get a free manicure and facial! =] yay for mom! She deserves it!
I can't wait till I learn hair cut and color! That is going to be the more fun stuff!! yay!!
=] thank you to all who have helped me and who are continuing to help me! Great things will for sure come to you!

Oh school!!!

In school this week we are learning manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and I think facials. So i decided to bring my new learned skills home with me. I did a manicure on dad and Taylor. But I only have pictures of dad getting his nails done.

Of course he wouldn't let me do any polish, but he did get a nice hand/ arm massage!

I think I am going to enjoy giving manicures!

Double the fun!

October 11th, as you all know, that it was my birthday...and also me and Cameron's 8 month mark of being together! Hints the name DOUBLE THE FUN!! =]

He took me to Salt Grass...oh so yummy!

While we were sitting in the parking lot of Salt Grass, listening to one of the best songs ever, Cameron pulled out a little white box (of course from Zale's =]) He opened the box, and out came a BEAUTIFUL white sapphire ring!!!

Oh my gosh! Isn't it just so gorgeous. It was so unlike me but yes, yes I did just so happen to cry!! Oh and by the way...look at my lovely manicure I got today at school!! ha (random side note).

Jake said my hand looks fake in this picture! Thank you Cameron. I love you so much sweetums! =]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Partial Birthday blog

Last Sunday, Oct 11, 2009 marked a very special day for me!! i finally turned 18. AHHH i am an adult now. how flippin weird!
Well my parents took me out to Johnny Carino's on Friday night, since Cameron took me out on Saturday and my birthday was on a Sunday! Anyways. Carino's was oh so yummy! loved it!
Cameron took me to Salt Grass! yummmm!!! =] Cameron has a whole blog to himself...(coming soon!)

My family got me a snuggie! most def one of the most amazing things ever made! and my great aunts Cinderella bracelet. Its beautiful and i love it!

Don't have a picture of my bracelet yet. (been busy with school, haven't gotten around to it. ha)

Carlie made me this awesome coloring book that has pictures of me and her turned black and white! omg its the best thing ever! so personalized!!! =]

(ha that will have to be another blog, dont have pictures of that either.)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts/cards! =] You sure did make it special!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So far behind!

Well, lets state the facts here, I NEED to blog. I have so many things that I need to share with everyone, but not enough time in the day!
Here is my list of things to eventually look forward to reading:
-8 months
-First day of school
-Random things at school

I think that's it for now!

Well whenever I get a spare moment longer then 5 mins...I'll blog for real!

~love you!~