Sunday, November 8, 2009

I miss these times.

It has been about forever since we have done this. I miss it dearly!!!

i love you two!

Monday, October 26, 2009


So I know it is late, but I started school October 12th, at Regency Beauty Institute in Mesquite, Tx.

I am really enjoying school. I am learning so many different things from different people. I can not wait to be able to finally work on clients.
Of course, my family is getting the ultimate treatment, since I come home and practice on them. Or this week, for my practical exam I have to have a client, so mom is going to come get a free manicure and facial! =] yay for mom! She deserves it!
I can't wait till I learn hair cut and color! That is going to be the more fun stuff!! yay!!
=] thank you to all who have helped me and who are continuing to help me! Great things will for sure come to you!

Oh school!!!

In school this week we are learning manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails and I think facials. So i decided to bring my new learned skills home with me. I did a manicure on dad and Taylor. But I only have pictures of dad getting his nails done.

Of course he wouldn't let me do any polish, but he did get a nice hand/ arm massage!

I think I am going to enjoy giving manicures!

Double the fun!

October 11th, as you all know, that it was my birthday...and also me and Cameron's 8 month mark of being together! Hints the name DOUBLE THE FUN!! =]

He took me to Salt Grass...oh so yummy!

While we were sitting in the parking lot of Salt Grass, listening to one of the best songs ever, Cameron pulled out a little white box (of course from Zale's =]) He opened the box, and out came a BEAUTIFUL white sapphire ring!!!

Oh my gosh! Isn't it just so gorgeous. It was so unlike me but yes, yes I did just so happen to cry!! Oh and by the way...look at my lovely manicure I got today at school!! ha (random side note).

Jake said my hand looks fake in this picture! Thank you Cameron. I love you so much sweetums! =]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Partial Birthday blog

Last Sunday, Oct 11, 2009 marked a very special day for me!! i finally turned 18. AHHH i am an adult now. how flippin weird!
Well my parents took me out to Johnny Carino's on Friday night, since Cameron took me out on Saturday and my birthday was on a Sunday! Anyways. Carino's was oh so yummy! loved it!
Cameron took me to Salt Grass! yummmm!!! =] Cameron has a whole blog to himself...(coming soon!)

My family got me a snuggie! most def one of the most amazing things ever made! and my great aunts Cinderella bracelet. Its beautiful and i love it!

Don't have a picture of my bracelet yet. (been busy with school, haven't gotten around to it. ha)

Carlie made me this awesome coloring book that has pictures of me and her turned black and white! omg its the best thing ever! so personalized!!! =]

(ha that will have to be another blog, dont have pictures of that either.)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts/cards! =] You sure did make it special!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So far behind!

Well, lets state the facts here, I NEED to blog. I have so many things that I need to share with everyone, but not enough time in the day!
Here is my list of things to eventually look forward to reading:
-8 months
-First day of school
-Random things at school

I think that's it for now!

Well whenever I get a spare moment longer then 5 mins...I'll blog for real!

~love you!~

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh how my family cracks me up!!

This is me and Jake!
This is me and my lovely dad!!

The other day before church, my lovely dad and brother Jake were talking about Lady Gaga and how "IT" is a hermaphadite. Well I'm guessing dad didn't remember the right word. So this is how our conversation went down.

Random talking about Lady Gaga:

"Isn't Lady Gaga a hermorphadite??" -Dad

" umm dad what is a hermorphadite?, I thought it was hermaphadite" -Jake

"Hey dad, hmm what is "IT" going to morph into??"- Me

"I don't know, maybe one day it will be a boy and the next it will be a girl."-Dad

"uhhh dad, its hermaphadite, not hermorphadite." -Jake

"Hermorphadite, hermaphadite whatever...its the same thing." -Dad

A little while later..... "dad, whats a hermaphadite???" -Taylor

ahhhhhhh never did that question get answered!!! buahhhhhh!!

Oh how I just love this wonderful Sunday morning...before church conversations!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear friends and family:

I have so exciting news to share with all of you. As you know, I've graduated..finally high schools is over...its been over, for a few months now. Its just that I've decided what I'm going to do now! As most of you know, I want to do hair....always have! That is my, make up...whatever! I love feeling beautiful, and I love helping others feel that way also. So I've finally decided to "grow-up" and get going on school. It took me a little while actually accepting the fact that I need to decided fast on what I want and what I need to do. Friday at 10 a.m. marks the day that I will be enrolling in Regency Beauty Institute in Mesquite, TX. I will be starting classes on October 12, 2009...yes that is in fact the day after my birthday! I'm extremely excited to be finally able to get the courage up enough to go to school! I have no idea why I'm so weird and couldn't find the mental strength to go to school. But I've found it and I'm going to finally start working on my dream to be a Cosmetologist! Thank you to those who have helped and encouraged me! You are wonderful!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I made a HUGE change today.

Today, at 2:30 pm on this lovely Tuesday, i decided to cut my hair. Yes CUT it. I already had my hair appointment, and as I was getting ready to leave for my appointment, I was going to make a huge change. I had my hair lady, Shannon, cut about 3 inches off of my hair. Yes about 3 inches. AHHHH. It is super cute and I am glad I decided to make this change. =]
Before! yes I did like my medium lengthed hair...but my ends were so dead, they needed some help!!
After! I know its really short. But I love it!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bippity, Boppity, Boo!

Tonight at Cameron's, his little sister Caitlyn was making this disappear magic trick. She is a magician..dontcha know! She had been making things magically disappear for about 10-15 mins. Then she decided it was time to make Cameron disappear. It was the funniest thing ever! So Cameron behind the couch. No one knows how he got there! Then it was my lucky turn to go disappear. I had to sit on the stool and she put a blanket over my head and swung her pen wand at me and BOP I was gone! I magically appeared behind the couch also. Then she made me reappear. Gosh, she is such a good little magician. I wish I could be as good as her. Ahh.

Starting the magic trick to make me disappear.

During the trick...right before I was to disappear.

After I disappeared behind the couch!

Im so glad i was able to reappear though, I would have missed everyone so dearly!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You got me what?!

For our six months, Cameron and I hung out at my house for a little bit. He gave me my surprise and a cute little love note! The love note was cute, as always, but the surprise was absolutely amazing. It is gorgeous. Here is a picture of my lovely necklace Cameron got me.(with the hook up from his dad...who is the manager at a Zales store!)

Thank you so much Cameron, I love the necklace...its gorgeous. I hope you liked your surprises.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cameron Forest

Today is the marking point that Cameron and I have been together for 6 months! These past 6 months have been some of the best ones. I'm so glad that I have an amazing boyfriend who respects me and my standards. He doesn't try pressuring me into doing things that I don't want to do. He has helped me be able to grow within the gospel, since he always has questions.(not like that's a bad thing!) He is such a good sport: always watching Disney movies and coloring with me, listening to my super lame jokes, laughing with me when I do something stupid, comforting me when I need it, watching chick flicks with me...(and not complaining) and not being embarrassed with me when I play dress-up at the mall! Thank you Cameron for being such a great sport and always being a great boyfriend! I couldn't ask for a greater guy then you!!

At my graduation party!
Just hanging out, being goof balls (as usual!)
Fact: we started dating about a week after this picture!

Happy 6 months Cameron! I love you. Thank you for everything! =]

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can we say hair dying party!!

Jake is such a good sport when it comes to me wanting to do something most guys wouldn't go for. A few weeks ago, me and Carlie dyed Jake's hair PINK! He now has pink sections in his hair. Its faded a lot, but it looked really cool when we first did it!
Jake, deap in thought. ("Why did i let them do this to me?!")
In the process of dying his lovely hair
At least its better then the orange he had before!

Friday, July 31, 2009


As i was just looking around at one of my new favorite band's website, i found that he is doing a song for New Moon. The movie comes out the Twentieth of November Two-thousand and nine. This song is absolutely amazing. I cant wait for New Moon to come out. I most definitely be there at midnight...again!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye You Lovely Reminders

So I've decided, its time for me to paint and do something productive to my room. I love having my Young Women hand outs on my wall, its a great reminder of the things i need to be doing right. Well, every time i move my room around, i have to move the hand outs also. They have been moved time and time again. I'm thinking its time to take them down for good and make a book out of them. Here is what my wall looks like with my lovely reminders.
Oh how I'm going to miss you, my lovely hand outs!

I also have a lovely Jonas Brothers wall. I have clippings from a bunch of magazines of pictures of these lovely boys. I got a huge picture of them for my birthday last year. I love them, but i will also have to say goodbye to my Joe Bro's wall when i paint my room. I love you Jonas Brothers, forever and always!
I'm still going to hang my big picture of them, just not the clippings.
And for the finishing touch on my walls. I have pictures some people have colored and things people have made me on this wall. These things i will continue to keep, just not on my wall. I'm still hoping for that cork board wall I've been wanting for about 2 years now.

So mommy and daddy will you please buy me a cork board wall so i can continue to look at my lovely things my friends and family have given me! =]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Flat to Fabulous in Seconds!

So my lovely boyfriend Cameron, has been promising to buy me a Bumpit for a few months now. And before, I always kept telling my dad to buy me one. No one ever did. Which made me kind of sad. Until this glorious day. Mark this day everyone, July 22, 2009 at exactly 8:15 pm, Cameron purchased me a Bump it from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am so excited about it! I have always wanted one, and now I have one! YES!!

I never really thought this amazing day would ever come along, but to my surprise, it has! I don't want you to get the wrong idea here, I truly love the Bumpit and will be having Volumized hair from now on!
Me and My Bumpit! =]

Oh that nasty toe!

Take a journey with me back about 3 or 4 years by now, to a time when I used to have a toe nail on my big toe. I had to get the nail taken off because of bad ingrown toe nails. It was so painful and the doctor didn't give me very good pain killers, the usual Motrin from the Navy hospitals. So I was therefore left with this nasty, ugly toe that not only was an eye sore, but also a nose sore. The toe smelled so bad! So things started to, what I thought, heal up. Well, boy did i think wrong! The nail wouldn't grow back like it was supposed to. There is too much scar tissue that it cant grow straight. So about a year and a half ago, I had the nail taken off again! It wasn't as painful since it was only half the nail, not the full one. I thought that would fix it, because the foot doctor told me it was just fungi's that was making it not grow. I had my hopes up this time, that it would actually be normal! Months went by, and the same growing process was happening all over again. This time, the nail would start growing back words into my toe, since it could grow forward, do to scar tissue. So i decide, that since it was causing me such pain, why don't i pull it out myself. I did it. I pulled the nail out myself. Now ever since that one night on my couch in the game room, I have had to pull the nail out ever few months.

On Monday, it was time for the nail to come out again! So I sat down with the nail clippers and some tweezers and got that bad boy out! It didn't hurt as bad as it has in times before. But now the nasty toe is swollen and leaking who knows what kind of fluids. It is so red, that its almost black. My poor nasty toe hurts so bad.

Mother dearest...PLEASE call the doctor, before they have to amputate my toe!