Sunday, February 28, 2010

oh thank goodness!!

I was reading a blog of a girl who i used to go to school with, and her posts were talking about her relationship problems and things of that nature. And It just made me so grateful for Cameron and that he treats me well!! Ya we have our little "fights" here and there. But for the most part it is wonderful! He doesn't abuse me, he doesn't do drugs or party, he doesn't look at other girls the way he looks at me,...etc. He is just really good to me and I am so thankful that I am blessed with an awesome boyfriend! I love you Cam! Thank you for be wonderful and treating me amazingly!


Ethnic much!

At school we were learning how to do hair extentions and wigs. So I had one of my friends put some microbraids in my hair! They were pretty flippin sweet...even though they did start to hurt and itch after a day. ha!

When I came home and showed the family, dad told me to "get over here with your ethnic self!!"


My flippin sweet microbraids!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom, the stylist?!?

I needed my hair colored about a month and a half ago, and mom was the lucky one who got to color my hair!! Lucky her! It was very interesting. Fun though. It turned out very nicely, no mess made in my hair, my hair didn't look a hot mess, it was pretty good actually!

She told me she was NEVER doing that again, she didn't like doing it. But was willing to help me out!
Thanks Stef

Me, in all my beauty!
Hairstylist Stef

The new nail!

As most of you most def know, i have a NASTY toe. It is horrible. There is no nail, well there is half of one, but its not very pretty at all.

So Cameron and me were getting our pictures done, I had to make myself a fake nail. So i took my flippin sweet nail skills and made a beautiful nail out of acrylic, then polished it!

It kind of started hurting after awhile, since my toe wasn't used to a nail being there. And then it eventually broke off. It was cute while it lasted!!

Here are some pictures of the lovely toe nail!!Can you tell which is real and which is fake?!?!
My lovely nail!!

yay for fake nails!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


The snow was fun and all, got soaked, had fun, and got tackled by the lovely Cam. I would appreciate it weather women if you would make it snow more often. Please and thank you!
I love playing in the snow =], even though I came inside real fast.
I even got to miss school because of the beautiful, pure snow! Ahh my beautiful Sadie boo got a little cold, so I put one of my sweaters on her.
Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

=] love you!

Cameron chased me with that big huge snow ball...he eventually got me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Year Pictures

Me and Cameron have been dating for one year! wow!!! We have hardly had our pictures taken, so I told my mom she HAS to take our we finally got them done!
It was BUTT CRACK COLD OUTSIDE.and going that little misting thing... But we got the pictures done and they turned out SO CUTE!!
Well here are a few of my very favorite from my mom's set of pictures.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh you silly boy!

As most of you know, Cameron is a big goof ball. He has a cheesey, loveable personality. Not to mention the most dorkest sense of humor. But I love it. Anyways, this brings me to the reason for this blog. I just wanted to share the cute little thing he said to me today.

Well this is my lovely Cameron who I love dearly.

Isn't he just so HOT!! ahhhh.

Ok anyways back to my Cam quote.

So let me just tell you how this started....He told me he was feeling happy. So of course I asked why, because earlier he was sad...anywho. He goes..." Cuz you are in my life and everyday you light up my the Fourth of July." BUAHHHHAHAHA!! that most def made my day! I love when he says cute little things like that...the things most girls my age would find cheesey and stupid! I find them adorable and funny! =]

Thank you Cam for making my day!! I love you!