Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 10, 2010

All of the youth at the baptism

The tenth of January in the year two-thousand and ten marks a glorious day. Cameron Forest Holley FINALLY got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It has been a long road coming, and I have only been involved for about a year, but now that it has finally come down to the was a wonderful evening. There were so many people there. It was like a sacrament meeting...almost about 125 people there!!!

He decided one Sunday afternoon in December that he was going to finally ask his parents again if he could get baptized. He has been coming to church for a long time. His best friend Scottie is Mormon also, so Cam had been going with him. Scottie planted that seed and I just helped nourish it!! It also helped that he got to go with the youth this past summer to Nauvoo and see church history. That helped his testimony start and grow.

I was so extremely happy that he finally broke down and decided to get baptized. And I am also grateful that his parents were so willing to let him join the Church.

The actual baptism was so so wonderful. The spirit was so strong. Patty Meager gave a great talk about baptism and explained it very nicely. I sang "The Makers Touch" by Jenny Phillips, that was hard to sing, made the worst mistake ever...looked down at Cameron with his bright red face and watery eyes. Ya you can imagine how the rest of my song went. Anyways. after my song, my mom gave a talk on the holy ghost which of course was great...she is such a great talk giver. ha! Brother Kelly welcomced Cameron into the ward. His is going to be going to the Kaufman ward. Bishop Morales from Dallas tenth ward spoke to us a little bit about what he felt and how happy his is that Cameron made the choice to get baptized. Bishop Morales said that "...angels came down and were at the baptism and were so pleased with his decision....." I am not sure if that is the exact quote, but that is basically what he said. Which the spirit was amazingly strong when he was speaking.

Here are some pictures from the night.Before the baptism
Best FriendsMe and Cameron.
i really love this picture a lot. He came over and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. It just looks so cute. i love it.
Cameron, His parents and ScottCameron and Scott Holley's and Meager

Cameron with the Elders

My lovely Cam

All in all it was a wonderful night. Thanks Jenni for taking the pictures. Thanks to everyone who attending the baptism, you really made the night special. I am so proud of you Cameron, i love you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Dad

This is my dad: And in case you dont know him, or if you do know him and dont understand him(which alot of people dont), He is a big dork!! His sense of humor is beyond lame. have to love it. It is so lame that eventually you will have to laugh at it whether you think its funny or not. He will literally take anything(he hears on tv, someone says, something someone does, ANYTHING) and make a "funny" out of it. Alot of times they are dorky and lame, but I love his jokes. Well since I have ranted and raved about him, let me share a few of his "funnies" with you.

"Who let those dogs out, IDK its a never ending question that will never get answered."

This is Sadie boo, totally hating us for putting her in that shirt, THEN taking a picture of her.

Now with this one, i have to explain it. Sadie is our family "dog". She isn't very dog-like. But you get the picture.Well there is this Sonic commercial and these people are on a "date" at Sonic and they are talking about the great prices, well the man says something to the lady and she goes "well i think yo crazya" so that saying is famous in our house. So this is just a little one way conversation that dad was having with the dog:

"Sadie, your crazy. Do it with me now dog, take your paw and go like this, yo crazy(pointing two fingers at her in a fast, swing motion) Come on Sadie, just take your paw...the nasty one and go like this yo crazy(as dad is acting like he has a nasty paw, having his hand held down like a dead hand to make a paw.) Ugh dumb Sadie, you never listen to me."
Of course Sadie just looked at him like he was stupid, but as I layed on the couch half asleep I thought that was so funny and so silly of him that I just couldnt stop laughing to myself.

One night Cameron was over and it was just Me, Cam and dad at the house. We were all just hanging in the kitchen eating probably, DUH, and dad is over at the sink. There just so happens to be this can of greese....eww. He stands there for a minute, smells it and goes "Eww this smells like poop, I will put it in the freezer." WHAT THE CRAP!! you big weirdo!! why would you put something smelling like poop in the freezer, me and cameron thought that was pretty funny!!

For Christams Santa always puts these hersey chocolate Santa's in our stockings. Well there were some extra laying around the house. Dad went and found them for me and him. He is standing by the trash can, opening his chocolate Santa when I hear "Oh hi little Santa, Im going to bit your head off." (BIG BITE) poor little Santa

Everyone knows that song Fireflies by Owl City. Well dad can never remember the name of that song. So one day, we are driving somewhere and he goes: "hey isn't this that mesquito song??" "umm no dad its fireflies." "oh...ok then" So from then on I randomly will get a text saying "the dragonfly song is on" or the famous "the ladybug song" ahhh such a dork.

One sunday afternoon, I had just got woken up from a *cough cough* Cameron. And I was kind of in a weird mood, and everything he did I would say "ugh why do you hate me." Well we went down stairs to watch some tv, eat, and play video games. And Cameron did something to the extent of "hating me" and I said my phrase "why do you hate me" and dad replied with "because you are breathing all my air ugh" lol silly David.

There are plenty, plenty more but it would take a billion years to blog them all.


-Cameron's baptism
-New hair
-Funny quotes from the father (these wont be funny unless you appreciate Dads sense of humor)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Stars game for New Years Eve!!

As our BIG family Christmas present from my parents, we all got to go to the Stars game last night! It was so much fun! Some of those people were a trip!! It was a really good game...a few fights, lots and lost of smashing into the glass. It was great. Not only was the game just good, but at the beginning there was this KILLER band that was playing, and of course I cant remember their name now...but they were flippin sweet. I want there cd to put on my iPod. I thought the man was going to die, he was screamo-ing so much. Ok OK they weren't good at all. lol. They were funny to watch though.
Anyways...the game was good, they won!! WOOOHOOOO!!!
But throughout the game, there were a few fights, pretty good ones at that. Hunter got bored, and started taking pictures of everything and everyone. Not to mention he was taking pictures of himself making faces. The are pretty entertaining.
Here are some pictures from the lovely game David took us all to!
Family laughing at who knows what Aww me.
Me and Hunter baby


A beautiful face of Hunter