Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Antonio trip with Cameron.

Last weekend Camerons parents took us to San Antonio for a vacation. We went to this wild life park thing, where you drive around and feed the animals...which was really fun! Then of course we went to the River Walk and had dinner, walked around and just hung out. Finally we went to Sea World!!! :] that was my very favorite part!Me and Cam going to the shops. And make a face.

Cam being sweet with the baby goat :]

This baby goat wanted to eat not only the little food things, but the bag also. It was so cute!

love him♥


:] so cute!

Llamas. Stinky things.
"that water is green because the poop in it, you know just like Scotts pond."

Scariest thing.

Just a little tiny baby!

This one loved Cam

Very first one to feed.

".....other wildlife."(meaning Cameron)
thought this sign was funny.

Sea World time!!

Adorable Dolphins

At a show!

Feeding time!

Oh how i love the dolphins.
This trip was sooo much fun! :] Cant wait to go again.
I love you ♥

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  1. ooo! i absolutely love san antonio its so fun! The riverwalk is really cool. And sea world!! Love that place.